Definition of Visa


It was One of the document the trip that important took the form of the sticker or the stamp that was attached in your passport that had a function of permitting you to enter the country that published the sticker or the stamp. Without visas then you could not enter several countries officially..


1. Single-Entry Visa,

Single-Entry visas, Visas were published for one trip time in a country and the maximum how long was kept being printed in these visas. The example: for the trip 90 days were endless in a period of 6 months.

2. Double-Entry Visa,

The holder of these visas was permitted by 2 times to enter the country of the visas publisher. The example: 2 visit times where each visit 90 days were endless in a period of 6 months.

3. Multiple-Entry Visa,

The holder of visas was permitted repeatedly to enter the publisher’s country visa. generally the visas period of validity was longer than Single kind visas entry or Double entry, the example one year.

4. Transit Visa,

Given for them who only called in in a short time to this country of the visas publisher in their trip towards the other country. When putting forward Visa Transit pemohon visas must has had visas of the aim country that were meant. With this Visa Transit someone was permitted to enter the transit country during several times then.

5. Airport Transit Visas,

Given for them that only transit in the airport or the international port in this country of the visas publisher in order to move to the other aircraft that immediately will fly them to the destiny country. Mreka was not allowed ekluara from the international area in the airport or this port.

WHEN and HOW to Apply VISA

Best time arranged visas, when being arranged personally without using the intermediary’s service, was in the morning. Several embassies restricted the number of applications each day, now the other embassy not. Generally the consulate began to be opened struck 8 days to the day. To more was convinced you better telephone more previously. The Anda appearance when visiting to the consulate must be neat and polite, because of the visas request could was refused if your appearance was not neat


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