Japan Visa

The Japan Visa

Visas were a recommendation that was given to the foreign citizen to be able to enter the Japanese country and not meant absolute permission or the guarantee to be able to enter the Japanese country. The last decision to be able to enter or not the Japanese country will be given by the Japanese Immigration side when landing in Japan.

Type of Visas

  1. Visa for family visit

  2. Visa  for Tourist Visit
  3. Visa for Business

  4. Special Visa ( Student Visa / Labour Visa / Training Visa )
  5. Visa Transit

For the other request of kind visas, please contacted the Japanese Consulate General (or the Visa Part) in the territory yurisdiksi respectively.

WORKING HOURS at Japan Consulate

Monday – Friday , ( except Indonesian and Japan holidays )
Visa Application  : pk. 08:30 – 12:00
Pick the Paspor Up : pk. 13:30 – 15:00


Visa Charge ( Eff 1 April 2008)

Single Visa Rp 250.000
Multiple Visa Rp 500.000
Transit Visa Rp  58.000



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